About Us

Welcome to Loading Bag, where passion for social impact and environmental responsibility meets fashion and trendiness. We are a team of dedicated individuals who believe in the power of upcycling and the concept of slow fashion.

Meet our talented team:

İlker Karagöz: With a background in the bag industry and a strong desire to minimize environmental impact, İlker brings his expertise in social entrepreneurship and organizations to Loading Bag.

Melda Akan: Co-founder with a decade of marketing experience across diverse industries, leads the charge in social media and sales channel initiatives. Based in Washington, DC, she brings her expertise to the forefront of our endeavors.

Gizem Eroğlu: An experienced fashion designer renowned for her exceptional bag designs, belts, and headwear. Her creativity and expertise are sought after in fashion shows and film sets. Check out her incredible works on Instagram.

Furkan Gökhan Karaca: An environmental engineer passionate about reducing carbon footprints. Furkan meticulously tracks and analyzes our positive and negative impacts on nature.

Özgür Mert: A dedicated volunteer photographer and videographer who travels the world capturing the essence of our work.

Ilgım Eroğlu: Our communication expert who establishes connections with Women Cooperatives and local producers, fostering collaboration and empowerment.

Derya Polat: A valuable contributor to our concept, supporting us in various aspects.

Alper Kayalı: Our IT specialist who ensures smooth operations of our e-commerce site and other IT solutions.

Serhat Soydan, Kemal Furkan Aksu, Jülide Lokman, and many others: These passionate individuals contribute their skills and expertise to help us bring our vision to life.

Together, we have come together to showcase the transformative power of upcycling and spread the love for slow fashion. Join us on this inspiring journey towards a more sustainable and conscious way of fashion.

Let's redefine fashion and make a positive impact on the world. Explore our collection and embrace the beauty of upcycled creations.