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Local Artisans, Hype Design

Our Team

"Gizem Eroğlu, along with her talented team, is the creative force behind Loading Bag Design. With a shared passion for sustainability and circular economy, they repurpose truck tarp rests, used billboard vinyls, car airbags, car security belts, sailing sails, and other materials to create unique and eco-friendly bags. By giving these materials a second chance and repurposing materials into functional and stylish bags, Gizem and her team embody the principles of circular economy, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

Gizem and her team have a dual focus on sustainability and ethical production practices.They collaborate with local small producers and women cooperatives, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for the people involved in the production process. By supporting local artisans and communities, Loading Bag Design contributes to creating a better world not only through its products but also through its production methods.

Loading Bag Design  encompasses more than just products and design; it embodies the vision and unwavering commitment of Gizem and her exceptionally skilled team.With their commitment to sustainability, circular economy, and ethical production, they are making a positive impact today and for future generations."